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Table 1 ICRS repair score[16]

From: Osteochondral tissue engineering using a biphasic collagen/GAG scaffold containing rhFGF18 or BMP-7 in an ovine model

Characteristic Grading Score
Degree of defect repair Level with surrounding cartilage 4
  75% repair of defect depth 3
  50% repair of defect depth 2
25% repair of defect depth 1
0% repair of defect depth 0
Integration to border zone Complete integration with border zone 4
  Demarcating border <1 mm 3
  ¾ of graft integrated, ¼ with notable border >1 mm 2
½ of graft integrated with surrounding cartilage, ½ with a notable border >1 mm 1
From no contact to 1/4th of graft integrated with surrounding cartilage 0
Macroscopic appearance Intact smooth surface 4
  Fibrillated surface 3
  Small, scattered fissures or cracks 2
Several, small or few but large fissures 1
Total degeneration of grafted area 0
  Total 12