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Table 2 Intra-rater agreement on CT and 3D measurements

From: Measurements of bone tunnel size in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: 2D versus 3D computed tomography model

Intra-rater absolute agreement
   ICCα 95% CIβ
2D CT Mean 0.969 [0.941 to 0.984]
Coronal 0.949 [0.903 to 0.974]
Axial 0.947 [0.899 to 0.973]
Sagittal 0.949 [0.903 to 0.974]
3D Model Best fit Transverse Section 0.999 [0.998 to 0.999]
  1. Shows the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) and respective confidence intervals range ([95%CI]) between the first and second measurements performed with the CT and 3D best fit circle methods.
  2. αICC (intraclass correlation coefficient).
  3. β95% CI (95% confidence intervals range).